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The episode: 19: “Know What You Don’t Know” with Aprile Shade

Aprile Shade had her phone in her hand, but she was nervous. Beside her was a list of five names—five people she knew were into fitness. She’d created a script, planning just what to say.

But to get her fingers dialing, she had to turn off her brain.

“It’s literally a physical thing,” says Aprile. “You have to get out of your head and push yourself to start doing something no matter how nervous you might be.”

Aprile was a marketing consultant, but her passion was fitness. And she dreamed of running her own personal training business one day.

She would even create picture boards with inspiring training-facility photos.

But moving from thinking to doing? That part was hard.

“My head was a beautiful place,” she says. But her reality didn’t match.

She realized she would never think her way into making her dream happen. For that, she needed to act.

She registered for the Online Trainer Academy, building her business as she went through the course.

“I would do things as I was told to do them,” she says. “By the end I actually had my business in place.”

Visualization is important, Aprile says. But so are the next steps:

  1. Put pen to paper. Write down the steps you’ll do to make that vision happen. The physical act helps you commit.
  2. Give yourself a deadline. Stick to it!
  3. Follow through. If you start overanalyzing, force yourself to go through the motions, as Aprile did when making those calls.

“It’s so important to eventually move from a visualization—a dream, a vision—to a reality,” Aprile says. “Your daily activities will do that.”

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