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The episode: 4: “What Is Your Time Worth?” with Jason Leenaarts

Jason Leenaarts had a lot going on: a successful brick-and-mortar business, a podcast, a growing roster of online clients. But the one thing he didn’t have was white space in his planner.

“Initially, I wanted as few white spaces as possible,” he says. “I realized I had that all wrong. that white space to develop all the things it takes to keep things running successfully.”

But setting aside free time is easier said than done. In this episode, Jason reveals a few ways he protects his white space, including these tips:

-Treat free time like workout time—prioritize it.

-Determine how much (or how little) interaction each client needs for optimum results.

-Set boundaries with clients up front. (Then stick to those boundaries.)

“You have to set the pace,” says Jason. “You have to do that right from the get-go. Otherwise, you’ll become a slave to that itinerary all over again.”

Learn how Jason overcame his hustler’s mentality so he could take back control of his day.

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