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The episode: 12: “Online Training Is NOT In-Person Training Done Different” with Jennifer Lemke

Jennifer Lemke didn’t take online training seriously until she fell in love with someone from halfway across the world. She’d be traveling more, she realized, so she needed to earn a living remotely. With her relationship on the line, she had to make online training work.

That meant transitioning her in-person clients to online. But instead of trying to sell it as the same service delivered a different way, she decided to focus on the unique benefits of online training.

“If you’re constantly comparing , people are going to be confused,” Jennifer says. “Advertise why online training is better and highlight the benefits.”

The main benefit: She could now be available to her clients all the time instead of just one hour a week.

That lets her engage with clients more often, keep them accountable 24/7, and even offer extra services like nutrition coaching.

“With in-person training they have your attention for that hour... but after that hour is over you basically press pause on their progress,” says Jennifer. She tells her clients, “Instead of just being there for you for the hour, I’m there for you every minute, every week. I am a resource that’s constantly available to you.”

Do you want to transition to online training while keeping those hard-earned clients? Listen to the approach Jennifer used, so you can use it too.

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