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The episode: 9: “The 1K Extra Approach” with Kaye Otis

As a military spouse, Kaye Otis knew it was only a matter of time before her family would have to relocate. What she didn’t know was how her in-person training would survive the move.

“I wanted to take my clients with me,” Kaye says. Switching to online training was the logical answer. She thought she could navigate the process solo, but only flamed out trying.

Personal trainers “usually are terrible at business,” Kaye says. “You learn planes of motion and movement and muscles… But nobody teaches you how to be successful.”

Finally she turned to the Online Trainer Academy, and things started to click.

“It was everything I had wanted to do but had no idea how,” she says. Using the 1K Extra approach—a high-yield model for building an efficient, scalable online business—she started transitioning her business to online.

Today Kaye has the freedom to train from anywhere, and even gained clients from other countries.

“I’m in it for the long term,” she says. “When I’m 95, I still want to be doing this. I still want to love it.”

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