THE EPISODE: 492: Better Educators with Lou Schuler


Most of us yield to some kind of higher authority. Religious folks have a deity. Scientists have their data. What do fitness pros bow to? One thing: credentials.

Still, some of the most valuable skills—how to motivate, educate, and market yourself to clients—are not taught in training courses. Bad news for the field and for your bottom line.

Statistics show that the number of graduates with bachelor’s degrees in exercise science is growing. Between 2011 and 2017, it jumped by about 70 percent—a greater increase than in any other field.

“You’ve got all these new people coming into the market in the last decade,” says Lou Schuler, the PTDC’s editorial director. “They can pass the CSCS test. They know how to exercise. What do they know about educating people? What do they know about the psychology of their clients?”

Turns out, not much.

The most successful trainers are also good teachers, psychologists, and salespeople. So it behooves you to start focusing on what they didn’t teach you in school.

Check out this episode of the FitCast to learn how to home in on your clients’ motivation, build marketing content, and avoid the huge mistake that highly educated trainers make.

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