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The episode: 16: “Consistency Generates Momentum” with Mackie Root

When Mackie Root became a trainer, he never expected his own fitness to suffer as a result.

“I was in much better shape before I became a fitness professional than a year into it,” he says. “I was taking on every client, every class…. The last thing you want to do after putting out all that energy is work out.”

Looking to cut back on hours (but not income), he decided to switch to online training. Just one problem: He had no idea where to start, and no time to figure it out.

Finally, he signed up for the Online Trainer Academy, dropping a few clients so he could complete the course.

Now with most of his business online, Mackie earns just as much as ever but can finally take a day off.

How’d he do it? By learning to respect the process. By implementing tried-and-true methods, he’s finally been able to get off the hamster wheel and start making forward progress.

“Before OTA, I was head-in-the-sand in a dream world,” he says. “I could have been working so much smarter, and be so much farther along than I am now. Because I was just doing the hustle. I thought I was doing everything right, but you’re not moving forward.”

Listen to this episode to find out how Mackie built a more efficient personal training business, what’s changed since he transitioned online, and the true story behind his unusual name.

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