How do I develop the young ones to become good athletes and useful member of the society.  Especially through sports,like athletics generally and some ball games( soccer, basketball,e.t.c.)

In short, I am a physical educator teacher in a senior secondary school and I want my school to be one of the best in sport in my area.
Thank you - Omotosho O.


I am a former physical education teacher in taught in the Arkansas school districts of the USA. I now currently reside in another part of the country but my passion for youth athletics is still strong. Based on your short question it sounds like we both share affinity for seeing young athletes become productive and useful members of society.

In my opinion, for high school level physical education, look no further than the Sport Education Model. I used this model of development almost exclusively with my students and not only was physical maturity enhanced, but a sense of societal placement was instilled in ALL of them given the nature of the Sport Education Model. It's a wonderful tool and teaches youth through a mock trail sort of sporting system where they are entirely responsible for the outcomes.

Simply read the "product description" section and it'll give you a good idea of what its all about. Again in my opinion, this is the premier physical education model for senior high students:Complete Guide to Sport Education

-Sam Leahey