On thePTDC's Facebook Page I wanted to know, if you could only give one, what tip would you give your clients? Here are some of the best responses.


On Training

"Always control the weight, never let it control you." - Jonathan Goodman

"Form is Key proper form and proper nutrition go hand and hand." - Kevin Marmol

"Listen to your body." - Bob Andrews

"You gotta make it count. Every single one of it. The nutrition, lifestyle and training." - Mohd Hafizzat

"FIRE up your workouts with Full Impact Resistance Exercises. Use the best exercises for the best workouts for the best results. Become a champion in your community gym." - Derek Livingstone

"Don't ego lift, worry about you and yours its not a race." - Nate Washington

"When you choose long-term growth instead of short-term gain, you are in alignment with fulfilling your own individual potential for its own sake"”instead of trying to achieve results only. Being mindful of your true intentions makes all the difference, inside the gym and in life." - Jai R Dobias-Shaw

"Exercise without a plan is just just a workout. Exercise with a plan and purpose is training." - Andrew Loscutoff

"Keep it tight. Feel every muscle in your body. And SUCK IT iN!" - Kevin Smith

"Breathing is key." - Andrew Sakhrani

"Just remember, that weight aint nuttin but a peanut." - Ryan Lyn

"Treat it like your job, be prepared, and when your exercising, every rep and set give your fullest, never slack, Cause your only cheating You. And you can do more than You think you can. Sequence, routine, Goals!" - Brett Welker

"Be happy first and keep practicing." - Liz MacShields

"Set small realistic goals one at a time ,baby steps even if its just getting in the door of your local gym and working it into your routine consistency=change." - Stephen Mc Grath

"The first thing you will die without is oxygen. Breathing is your fuel, your power, and your concentration." - Psymon Murphy

On Diet

"Throw away the scale, she is a liar! Let mirrors, clothes, and your feelings reflect your progress." - Celio Ty Silva

"Do not DIET do a LIFESTYLE CHANGE with your food." - Frank Allnutt

"Stop looking in the mirror, stop weighing yourself, diet, train and TRUST ME the results will come." - Lisa Attwood

"You gotta learn know how to eat, before you can cheat!" - Greg Walker Sr.

"The scale is your friend." - Greg Walker Sr.

"Earn your meals, earn your body!!!" - David Lamar Hargett

On Life and Motivation

"Be aggressive but careful and know when to fail with integrity." - Mark Garcia Limbaga

"Be focused on what to do next not what u haven't done lately." - Erik Grubbs

"It's not supposed to be easy...if it was easy, everyone would be doing it." - Donovan Gary Alan

"Leave your ego at the door." - Robert Montoya

"Be consistent with everything. Training, diet, sleep and supplement regimen. One cheat day a week, but no more. One leads to two and two leads to three and so on and so forth." - Steven Jezyk

"Action - Emotion = Win." - Ev Ting

"Strong mind = strong body!" - Jon Fryett

"Stay consistent, even if you're doing crappy training, stay consistent." - Marc-Jason Locquiao

"Realise that wellness is a lifestyle and embrace it every second of the day." - James Chandler

"No-one will ever be as qualified to run your body as you are. Listen to it." - Gareth Keeping

"Keep coming back! Even when your hating! Your effort will be rewarded! Your not a dog either? Digs are rewarded with food! Food is fuel! Not for being good!" - Lindsey Watson

"Never ever give up...as it is better to be sore tomorrow than sorry! Dig deep!" - Shyrissa Smardon

"Find your motivation." - Jackie Fry Danielson

"Breathe. (And not just when they're working out, but I find I have to remind my new clients of this often! - But I also repeat your key advice often." - Peace & Perseverance Fitness Training

photo credit: Patr!c!a