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The Episode: How to Produce Content to Get Clients (And Not Take Forever)

In this special “two’s company, three’s a crowd” episode, Jonathan and Ren talk about how to produce content that works for you. Most people fail with content because they try to do way too much with way too little thought in way too many places. To succeed, you have to take the time to figure out a strategy, and then work at communicating effectively with a specific audience on a specific platform. The steps they describe will help you succeed no matter which audience you target and which platform you choose.

Key Points and Time Stamps

  • A balanced diet of positive and negative reviews
  • Who is your audience? You can’t please everybody!
  • Steps to produce good content on any platform
  • Why you don’t ask 100,000 strangers to marry you
  • Being energized with the things you do


“You're not going to be good at producing content until you put in a lot of reps.”

– Jonathan Goodman

Get good by doing more

If you look at famous YouTubers’ earlier videos, you see they’re way worse than what they create now. That's the way it works with content. You need to put in your reps, with the goal of developing your skills and your sense of what works and what doesn’t.

Vital steps to produce content anywhere

To understand the platform, you need to see who else is performing well on the platform, and ask how they're making money on it. From there you can build your audience as you improve your content.

Don’t hurry to get a million followers

Early adopters give you much more leeway to make it up as you go. They're more accepting, like people who get into an indie band before they go mainstream. People will find you naturally when you continue to produce better value than others who're targeting the same audience.



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