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The Episode: Mistakes We’ve Made (and Learned From)

It doesn’t feel good to make mistakes. But progress is rarely possible without messing up. That's how we learn. It's like strength training: Knowledge is super-important, but you can't get stronger by reading about it. You have to spend a lot of time under the bar, pushing yourself to failure, recovering, and then doing it again. Join Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren talk about the different mistakes they’ve made and how they’ve used their experience to leverage their success moving forward.

Key Points and Time Stamps

  • The ballad of Jonathan and Ren
  • Building muscles after failing over and over
  • The time Carolina lost three clients in one day
  • When to try new ideas, and when to stick with what's working


"That's the cool thing about progress: No matter how well you plan something, no matter how much you know about something going into it, the odds of it working out the exact way you planned are basically zero."

- Jonathan Goodman


Taking on too much at one time

Be aware of your limitations and work within your means. Doing more than your capabilities will likely result in a loss of clients because you won’t be able to give what you promise.

Building great systems for communication

Sometimes a client who's making significant progress thinks you're not doing your job. Why? Because you’re not switching things up. It's an example of the type of misunderstanding you can clear up with more and better communication.

Find the snowball and keep it rolling

You don't have to create new products or services when what you're doing now is working for you. It makes more sense to capitalize on your success rather than moving on to something else.




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