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The Episode: Why Memberships Are a Horrible Idea for Just About Every Online Trainer

Today, Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren shoot down your dreams of starting a membership program. What’s wrong with a membership program, you ask? Hear it from the experts and the people who’ve done it on a large scale. There are significant differences between people who pay you thousands of dollars for online training and those who pay $20 a month to be part of a group. And both groups are very different from those who just want free stuff.

Key Points and Time Stamps

  • Someone actually thought Jonathan Goodman didn’t have a personality
  • The difference between free membership and paid membership clients
  • Creating excellent systems as an online trainer
  • Why membership program clients don't appreciate the value you provide


“The less you charge, the more you get taken for granted.”

– Carolina Belmares


The mindset membership programs create

People who pay the least give you the most trouble. Your best and most respectful customers are the ones who pay the most money. Most people who join a membership program plan to cancel before the second payment.

Are you really helping at this point?

Membership programs tend to attract people who ignore the help you provide because they pay so little for it. Even if they respect you, you're limited in what you can provide because of the need to spread yourself so thin.

Having more resources to provide value

Charging what you’re worth enables you to help those who truly need your help. Because they pay more, you have more time and resources to build your brand and ultimately provide value to your audience. You can even afford to offer scholarship options for prospects who can't afford to pay the full price.



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