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The Episode: How to Execute

Education and learning are important parts of becoming an online trainer, but none of the steps that happen before execution mean anything if you cannot put your plans into motion. Taking the steps toward executing will teach you more than any course, and will push things forward in ways that nothing else can. We understand that this can be the most difficult and scary step to take, it is a challenge for all of us! No matter what stage of your online business you are in, confronting these hurdles is a common experience, and is so necessary to move forward. We want to send you the message to take the leap, holding back will hold you back! There are always rewards from giving something a try and pushing up against your doubts and fears.

In This Episode

  • The post that motivated today's discussion on the question of execution
  • Components of successful execution
  • Common fears that we all hold about external judgement
  • The gift of struggling and how it enables connection
  • Trying, failing, and the courage that develops
  • Getting past imagined suffering and confronting fears


“Two people often have similar goals, the person who ends up succeeding is not because their goal is different, it is because their actions are different.” — Jonathan Goodman


The Challenges of Putting Oneself Out There

We all suffer from issues of comparison, imposter syndrome, and struggling to get clear on our audience. All of these factors can lead to a lack of confidence in executing our plans and reaching our goals. It is important to remember that success depends on actions and not goals and that just planning forever does not count for much. We have seen so many times how once this piece of the puzzle is understood, trainers are able to crush it! It does take time, but it will all be worth it when you can execute confidently and successfully.

Internal Pressure and External Judgement

We all have fears around judgment, and taking what you have learned and shifting it into a space that is exposed can be quite scary. In these moments of doubt, it can be helpful to remember that we all mess up, fail, and make mistakes. The more you expose yourself to these conditions and discomforts, the easier it is to face them! It is possible to prove to yourself that you can do hard things and the inevitably of mistake is not something to hold you back. The more you can embrace the freedom and a certain recklessness of diving in, the faster your business will progress.

The Power of Struggle and Relatability

Shifting your mindset around struggle can be such a powerful move, and when we start to view it as a gift, it is like learning a superpower. Encountering struggle allows you to connect because it makes you relatable to an audience. The people you are trying to reach are undoubtedly also struggling with certain challenges and fears, so do not undervalue this circumstance that connects them to you! It takes a lot of courage to create, and when you exercise this courage it builds on itself and you will find that your worries wane in response. So double down on that enthusiasm for trying, and keep in mind that suffering happens more in the imagination than it does in reality.



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