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The Episode: Get Social Proof to Add Validity to Your Online Training Business

Apart from being your focus, your clients are also your greatest resource as a trainer. Their experiences are what can take your business to the next level, so leveraging this possibility should be on your to-do list. Collecting information and feedback from them can take many forms but essentially what you want to do is to understand, as clearly as possible, the benefits they are experiencing so that you can share this with a wider audience. Incentives can make this process easier, but the main thing is to engage your clients in a way that helps them, your business, and the individuals you work with in the future.

In This Episode

  • Strategies for the midpoint of a program you are running
  • The questions that can help elicit the most from your clients
  • Using giveaways and incentives as extra motivation
  • Holding and sharing the information that you collect and using it wisely
  • Building a stone wheel for your business
  • The compounding effect of creating ambassadors for your work


“If you give people the option to say one thing about themselves like that, now you know what the one most important thing is, or the biggest pain for them is. You can start creating content around that.” — Jonathan Goodman


Tools for Collecting Information

After a few weeks of a program, it can be very useful to re-energize all your clients with something exciting and inclusive. You can use questions, giveaways, or check-ins, but it is a great time to collect some feedback and proof from your people! This information can help you so much with your future clients and will improve your ability to market your business and attract new audiences.

How to Use the Information You Collect

Once you have collected information, using it wisely is the next step. The obvious way is to incorporate it when launching a new program, but it can be adapted in many different ways and formats. You might want to create social media posts with attractive graphics, or just a simple and authentic screenshot might suit your needs. Using the proof you collect to direct the content you create is an added dimension, as this information essentially categorizes the reasons why your programs are worthwhile.

Creating Ambassadors and Systems with Momentum

As trainers, we always need to be able to back up our claims and what we advertise and client feedback and testimonials are possibly the best way to do this! Organizing this information and then utilizing it down the line is a part of putting in place the pieces of a functioning system, and the more systematized your business is, the more momentum you will be able to create. The goal here is to allow a compounding effect to occur, where you grow while requiring less and less direct effort in the same fundamental areas.


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