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The Episode: How to Balance Your Day Job, Family, and Online Business

No matter your current lifestyle and domestic set up, chances are that if you are starting or running an online training business, you do not have extra time on your hands. There are a few factors that can make these difficulties a little bit more manageable on a daily basis. The first step is prioritizing, you can then use this hierarchy as a tool for preparation. An important addition to these measures is the acceptance of what is realistic for you to take on, as it is unlikely you will be able to do everything you might initially want to. All of these areas require a level of self-awareness and responsiveness, which enables a well-tailored and suitable schedule for time management.

In This Episode

  • Family duties, gender roles and managing commitments
  • Time is a constant constraint so use it wisely and smartly
  • Scheduling your day in order to maximize your productivity
  • Looking at your strengths, weaknesses, and boundaries and working within them
  • Prioritizing, preparing, and staying realistic with accomplishments


“Online training is kind of like a big stone wheel, where it takes a ton of pressure and effort to get it going at first and then once you get that thing moving, all you gotta do is just tap it.” — Jonathan Goodman


Mapping Out A Personal Plan

You may have a full-time job and many familial commitments on top of your online training hustle and managing these demands on time is never easy. One of the great things about online businesses though, is that after the initial effort it takes to get the ball rolling, the momentum can carry it forward with much less required from you.

Working Within the Limitations

Balancing and deciding between different commitments can be a big challenge, and many of us have children and financial limitations that are serious hurdles to getting things off the ground. However, there are always ways to bootstrap your coaching business in the beginning, so it is all about finding the corners you can cut and the gaps that you can make use of; put in the work now and set yourself up for future success!

Time-Blocking and Smart Scheduling

The setting and detailing of your priorities is a major step in your success. Laying out a plan for the day or week ahead can make this much easier and save time and energy during your workflow. This sort of proactive approach is an investment and requires energy in order to reap the rewards. This again comes back to self-awareness and setting up your systems to suit individual strengths and weaknesses. You need to know your own limitations, capabilities and how these fluctuate at different times.


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