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The Episode: What to Do When Other Trainers Steal From You

What do you do when someone steals your intellectual property? Unfortunately, it's an experience too many of us have had. Naturally, it's upsetting when someone plagiarizes your online content or mimics your brand. But the best policy, most of the time, is to let it go. Trainers who take unethical shortcuts won't last. Doing the work is the only path to sustainable success. You can't get sidetracked because someone would rather steal your work than do their own. 

In This Episode

  • What it feels like to have your material stolen by customers
  • Blatant plagiarism and the tendency of some people to steal ideas
  • Emotional responses to stealing by other professionals
  • When you should take this kind of stealing more seriously
  • Why stealing is always the wrong way to go


“If there is potential reputational damage involved, I get litigious very quickly.” — Jonathan Goodman


Experiences of Materials Being Stolen

Many of us have had this happen to us, and the truth is that it's mostly a result of jealousy or inferiority. The other positive side to this unfortunate circumstance is that it shows you're doing something someone else thinks is worth stealing. In the end, putting in the hard work will pay off. Don't let small things like this get you off track.

How to Respond to Different Cases of Stealing

It's unsurprising that we have emotional responses to the shamelessness and invasion of stealing. Keep in mind that most acts of this kind come from a fearful and frustrated place, often when someone is struggling with their own issues. As we see in fitness, you can't get someone else to do your reps for you. Someone who steals is actually robbing themselves of the opportunity to grow and learn.

The Most Damaging Kinds of Robbery

There are times when letting it go isn't an option. If someone is use your brand or identity to scam clients, you have to take action, including legal options, if necessary to protect your business and reputation.


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