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The Episode: Preparing for When You Strike Gold

In the world of online training and beyond, success doesn't mean you winning every time you try something. Even the most successful individuals only hit the bullseye a couple of times, with a lot of misfires before, between, and after those famous shots. What matters is how you prepare for those once- or twice-in-a-career events. You want to make the most of success when it happens. Your authenticity as a trainer is the key to making it sustainable. You need to retain a clear sense of who you are and how you serve your audience.

In This Episode

  • Where will you be when your thing becomes the thing? 
  • You only need to strike gold once, and you can increase the odds strategically
  • How to pay attention to the market and its trends without being swayed
  • Capitalize on popular movies and events
  • Set yourself up for success and stick to your unique strengths


“Odds are you're not going to win the first time. You should try a bunch of different things strategically to increase your odds of hitting gold that one time.” — Jonathan Goodman


Being Ready for When Your Ship Comes In

There are so many examples of times when demand for your service might suddenly take off. It happened with OTA when the pandemic began, and it's happening now with chess coaches, thanks to the popularity of The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. The ones who capitalize on a sudden interest in what they do are those who stay authentic and consistent, whose reputation precedes them.

Staying True to Your Unique Values and Personality

Authenticity and consistency are derailed when you hop around from trend to trend, changing your offer each time. You certainly have to pay attention to markets and trends, but you can't let them pull them away from what you're known for, and what you do best.

Getting Ready for Success

As the saying goes, luck happens where preparation meets opportunity. Preparation isn't passive. It's the hard work you do to serve your clients and build the value of your brand, a brand that's built around your unique personality.


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