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The Episode: $35k in 30 Days: How Marc-André Seers Dominates His Market in a Language Other than English

In this episode, Marc-André Seers shares how he has improved his business by building out his skillset and getting more strategic about selling and converting. One of the most important aspects of converting a prospective client is asking the right questions to establish their biggest pain point. When you've allowed them to talk and listened intently to their problem, you can close the deal by explaining exactly how your offer will address their problem.

In This Episode

  • Why Marc decided to promote himself as a French coach  
  • The process of getting better at selling and converting
  • How Marc improved his business by leveling up his skillset
  • Marc explains his process for onboarding new clients  
  • Three questions that get potential clients talking  
  • Why preparing yourself with sales scripts is important  
  • Who the OTA coaching program is designed for


“Most objections people will say to you are not actual objections. They’re procrastinations.” — Jonathan Goodman


Get Clients Talking

In addition to being clear about what you offer, you want to get the clients talking so that they reveal what their real pain point is. When they have made themselves vulnerable by sharing openly what they are hoping to change, they are more likely to go forward with you since you have the opportunity to explain how you can solve their problem.

Why Now?

This might sound like an irrelevant question to ask a potential client, but it is really important. The reason they want to get in shape at this point in their lives can become a powerful hook to remind them why they signed up if they ever consider postponing or quitting. Knowing the answer to their “why now?” will help you motivate them when they want to opt-out or find excuses. In answering this question, they remove the possibility of objections later on.

Master Your Scripts

No one likes being sold to, and clients might call you out if you are too obvious with your scripts. When you’ve gained experience, you will be able to seamlessly incorporate scripts into your discussions with clients without sounding desperate. People want you to hear them, and you have to respond authentically. The mastery lies in using scripts subtly.


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