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The Episode: How to Keep Your Online Clients Engaged

In an overstimulated, distracted world, it is hard to retain your clients’ attention and focus. When they find an exercise boring or uncomfortable, they won’t be as committed to doing it right and will thus fail to reach the desired outcomes. Knowing how to keep your clients engaged will, therefore, be most beneficial to both you and them.

In This Episode

  • Why we need our clients to be attentive, committed, and in the zone
  • Identifying what the client finds engaging and helping them through the boring bits
  • Striking the right balance between incorporating variety and sticking to what works best
  • Examples of how you can switch up exercises while maintaining efficacy
  • The value of focusing on a specific element instead of the workout as a whole
  • Creating a distraction to support your client through an uncomfortable exercise
  • How to identify which clients are motivated by data, and how to leverage their interest
  • Knowing your client well will guide you in keeping them engaged at all times


“We need clients to be attentive, we need clients to be committed, we need clients to be in the zone when they're doing our programs for them to get results.” — Jonathan Goodman


The Value of Attention

We live in a world where so many things demand our attention that it's too easy to get distracted. But for a client to get results from your program, they have to be attentive and committed. If they aren't, both you and the client lose out.

Narrowing Your Clients’ Attention

As we showed in this article by Simon Long, you have four strategies to help your clients stay focused. Of those, variety can be the easiest way to combat boredom, but also the riskiest. Variety is counterproductive if it compromises the integrity of the workout. Your other strategies include getting them to focus on one element rather than the workout as a whole, distract them during exercises they find boring or uncomfortable, or, if they're interested in data, use metrics to show their progress and keep them zoned in.

How Well Do You Know Your Client?

If you've taken the time to get to know your client, you'll know what interests them, and you can use that knowledge to tweak your program to keep them engaged and focused. When you can't avoid using an exercise they find boring or uncomfortable, you can find are ways to distract them to make it easier without reducing its impact.


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