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The Episode: Why People Pay for Fitness When They Could Get It for Free

Fitness has always been free. The idea of paying for it is a recent phenomenon, and it's still a tough sell. So why do people pay for it? In this episode, the team talks about the opportunities in the global health and fitness industry, which operates in an increasingly decentralized and democratized marketplace. Knowing your audience and focusing on a niche make all the difference for those who succeed.

In This Episode

  • The huge potential for the health and fitness industry
  • Jonathan explains the long-tail effect
  • How to solve the mystery of why people spend money 
  • The core psychological element missing from typical fitness programs
  • How to know you’re training with somebody who truly understands you
  • Carolina and Amber share how they resonate with their tribe
  • Why you should focus on a niche market


“You need to solve this mystery of why people spend money, which opens up your mind to the power of you, and to what makes you different.” - Jonathan Goodman


Why Pay for Training

With so many free workouts available online, why should anyone pay for training? It comes down to a simple question: “Is this made for me?” If the answer is yes, you make the sale.

It’s About Your Audience

Your job is not to impress your peers. It’s to impress your audience. People want to be sure you’re someone who understands their unique needs, challenges, and stressors, and by extension their inner dialogues. That's when they know they can trust you.

Focus on a Niche Market

How do you rise above a democratized and decentralized market? As Jonathan says, “Whenever power shifts back to consumers, quality is going to beat quantity.” You'll be more effective if you’re focused on specific client, not distracted by the masses.

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