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The Episode: The 13 Steps to Successful Online Training Sales

Here’s some insider knowledge: You don’t have to know your episode topic before you start recording! Crazy, right? The OTS peeps use this episode to break down the many steps of a successful sales call. There are 13 in total, but the main takeaways are these: Persuasion is not what you think. If you want to sell more, you need to listen more than you speak, and sell the future, not your product.

In This Episode

  • Do this before you try to make any sale
  • Persuasion 101: It's not what you think
  • The client needs to answer these three questions
  • The questions that help the client envision their future self
  • Summarize and shift the conversation to sales
  • One more clarification question before the pitch
  • The Pitch, broken down in three parts
  • How to discuss the “investment”—how much is the “new you” worth?


“Ask more clarifying questions. Your job is not to speak. Your job is to help them go deeper” - Jonathan Goodman


Persuasion 101: Don’t

The first rule of persuasion is that you don’t try to persuade anyone of anything. When you're selling fitness, you persuade by elaborating on what your potential client tells you, and then showing them why you’re the best choice to help them achieve their stated goals. You aren't changing the way your client thinks. You're showing them you think the same way.

The Pitch

This is the most nerve-wracking part for all of us. Remember what you're selling. It's not your fitness or nutrition program. You're selling the client a future version of themselves. That alone changes the value of your program from “whatever I can afford” to “priceless.”

Through Hell and Heaven

A successful sales call will be an emotional one. To understand your client, you need to help them articulate exactly why they need a fitness program. That reason may come from a dark place—bullying, medical problems, poor self-image ... Then, after navigating through those tumultuous waters, you show them a brighter future, one you can help them reach.

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