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The Episode: How to St0p Making Excuses and Grow Through Hardship

There's always an easy way out of any situation, but you should take the road less traveled. In this new episode, the gang dives into a topic that the fitness community knows all too well: Excuses! All three hosts share stories of people’s silly excuses for not putting in the work, the practical steps to changing your mindset and creating change, and how to find growth and more opportunity in the hardship. Take that cold shower to appreciate the warm.

In This Episode

  • Why contracts are a necessity
  • Why you have to prioritize what’s important to you
  • Why do people make excuses?
  • Carolina explains why and how she makes big changes
  • “If you’re gonna do it, do it big”
  • Embracing the hardship and making it work
  • You can't teach the top of Mt. Everest without learning to climb
  • What frustrates Jonathan
  • Carolina’s thoughts on how to find opportunity


 “All the best stuff in life, there's some assembly required.”

- Ren Jones


My Spirit Animal Is a Scapegoat

Let’s face it: We’ve all wanted to blame others for our problems. The temptation is normal, but what matters is how you respond to it. Do you blame your struggles on external factors, from the economy to the weather, or do you assume you have control over your situation?

Progress Under Pressure

The path of least resistance is always there to offer you a way out of any difficulty. And there’s something to be said for being kind and patient with yourself. Ultimately, though, the best Plan B is no Plan B. When you give yourself no choice but to do the hard thing, you’ll be amazed with what you achieve.

You Have to Climb the Mountain to Appreciate the View

We all love the idea of snapping our fingers and achieving our goals, but we can’t truly appreciate the achievement without the struggle of the journey. The lessons we learn are what define us in the future. Chief among them: Anything worth doing is worth doing right.


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