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The Episode: How to Use Organic Reach in Facebook Groups to Get New Clients

Today’s lesson: Don’t shave or go outside, because then you’ll have more energy to host a podcast. And nothing good can come from that. With that out of the way, the gang answers a listener’s question about how to acquire new clients via Facebook groups. The advice is as simple as you’d expect: 1. Friends and family are valuable. 2. Be a human. Focus your energy on quality engagement. Unless that engagement is with seagulls. In that case, just stay home. It’s not worth it.

In This Episode

  • Jonathan’s painfully simple advice
  • The importance of friends and family
  • Ren’s equally simple advice about finding people
  • Carolina’s thoughts on “follow for a follow” and how to be a human
  • The wrong way to interact with people
  • How to navigate groups and engage with others
  • Abundance vs. quality


“I want qualified, knowledgeable, compassionate people canvassing the internet because we're far too quiet and the tea-tox people are far too loud. I'd like to raise the standard of the industry.” - Ren Jones


Be a Human

This advice sounds painfully simple, but it's crucial to your success online: Talk with people online like you would in real life. Be yourself and find mutual interests. Done.

Follow for an Unfollow?

Think about how many times someone has tried to do a “follow for a follow” with you. Remember how annoying it is, and never do it to someone else. Focus on building real relationships that will last for years.

You Have a Lot of Competitors. But Most of Them Suck.

People often feel discouraged from pursuing their dreams because of the abundance of competition in their field. While the internet is overflowing with fitness trainers, most of them don’t know what they’re talking about. Producing quality content is the best way to break through the noise and reach an audience.


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