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The Episode: How Gym Owner Jesus Acuna Made $4,600 in a Single Day with Online Training

Fitness gyms were hit hard by COVID, sending many of them into debt or even bankruptcy. However, with the online market booming, others were able to transition to an online infrastructure that kept them afloat. In this episode, Jonathan Goodman talks with Jesus Acuna, a gym owner who has made record profits by fundamentally shifting his business model. Even as gyms reopen, our economy has been forever changed. Jesus pivoted to reflect those changes, and his business has never been better.

In This Episode

  • The steps Jesus made the transition from a brick-and-mortar business
  • How Jesus now structures his online business  
  • Jesus’s new pricing model
  • Individual vs. group coaching
  • The freedom this new model allows in his life
  • The take-home message for those who want to try this new model


"When you figure out what people want, that’s when they’re gonna work hard.” — Jesus Acuna


Old vs. New

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Even if a model has worked for decades, something like COVID can abruptly upend our idea of “normal” and leave us lost. However, if you can push through skepticism and adapt to a changing world, your business could become more successful and impactful than you ever thought possible.

Cash Is King

Jesus talks about how much of his clientele preferred upfront payments to installment plans, a shift he and Jonathan agree is better. Recurring income is great, but more cash up front means more immediate resources for the owner to invest back into his business and people.

Pressure Meets Opportunity

It can be easy to assume that work ethic is innate—you either want to work hard or you don’t. Jesus dismisses this idea, noting how anyone will work hard for something they care deeply about. Change can be disorienting, but if you cultivate a system with accountability, supportive people, and comprehensive resources your clients will succeed.


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