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The Episode: Building Your Support Systems

After the gang debates which episode number this is, they dive into the nuances of building your online support systems to bring maximum value to your clients and yourself. COVID has profoundly changed the coaching landscape, which makes effective support all the more essential. We grow through teaching and learning, and we deserve to continue growing no matter the circumstances. In this episode, Jonathan discusses the common pitfalls of coaching, how to identify red flags, and how to employ a well-rounded approach so that both your client’s and your cups are filled to the brim.

In This Episode

  • Jonathan discusses the impact of COVID and how to move forward
  • Biggest pitfall: Offering too much and not being responsive
  • Two ways to offer support: Group and individual
  • Importance of automated check-in messages
  • How being a helicopter trainer was less effective and more taxing
  • How establishing work boundaries upfront is critical for your mental health, career, and client relationships
  • How boundaries and time limits help hone your focus


“The worst thing is to set a precedent that you're always going to be available and omnipresent for your clients.”

- Jonathan Goodman

Precedents and Boundaries

Easily one of the biggest pitfalls coaches fall into is not setting reasonable precedents and boundaries for yourself. Many coaches believe that constant availability is the key to great coaching, but Jonathan explains how quality always trumps quantity.

Automated Messages

An amazing way to keep your clients engaged is to utilize automated check-in messages, which will help you save time, give encouragement to clients killing it already, and open a dialogue for any clients who need in-depth support.


You are the company you keep, so surrounding yourself with people who are in your court is critical to success. Insecurities can often manifest in boastfulness, so seek out those with whom you can be vulnerable and your humility will keep you hungry for more.



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