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The Episode: How to Know Who to Believe on the Internet (Spoiler: The Answer Is 'Nobody')

This is an episode full of firsts and big news. Ren isn’t wearing a hat! There’s something about cupcakes! Carolina made a major life decision! Jonathan found a golden throne! But it’s not all good news for the gang today, as Jonathan reveals how easy it is to lie on the internet, and the hilarious way someone got “outed” for their lie. Listen for tips on how to avoid being scammed online.

In This Episode

  • Ren talks about the earthquake in North Carolina; it gets graphic
  • Jonathan and his wife ate salads that were 100 percent from their garden
  • What are Jonathan’s criteria for weeding people out online?
  • Why you should whittle down your options before you go deeper
  • Be willing to do the work to avoid scams
  • Do you know the person approaching you? Do they know you?
  • Interact with people who have provided you with value
  • How long has this “expert” been in the business?

“I would value a trusted recommendation. When you see recommendations from folks who have built up a reputation, and they're people you deeply respect, I would value that.” - Jonathan Goodman

Look for Indications of Seriousness

What does this person have to lose by offering bad business? Jonathan has a story about how he knew which barber to trust in a new town. There are nonsense lists out there that people can pay to be on; here’s how to separate non-merit-based lists of the so-called “best” in their business.

It’s Shockingly Easy to Lie Online

Everything is for sale, including before and after photos. Fake profiles are quick and easy to make. Anyone can buy an appearance, buy their way onto a list, even buy testimonials. Learn how to be discerning.

Trust People You Know

What’s important to you? What are your personal relationships with people you know you can trust? Look at how long this so-called “expert” has been in the business…and who can vouch for them.



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