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The Episode: How We Program For Clients

Creating the right program for your clients is one of the determining factors of the success and results they will experience. If you can set out a plan that keeps them engaged, is easy enough to follow, and helps them stay on track, they are that much more likely to achieve their fitness goals. In this episode, you will hear about the importance of simplicity, templates, variety, and some of the common hurdles to overcome.


In This Episode

  • Deciding on where to start with clients and their programs
  • Examples of programming and the templates that can be utilized
  • Common challenges that clients start out with
  • Considering the utility of variety and simplicity
  • Working with what clients already have access to


β€œIt has to be simple, when it comes to training. Because otherwise it can feel overwhelming.” β€” Carolina Belmares


The Foundations of an Achievable Program

Your clients may have a variety of aims or all very similar ones, this depends on the market you serve. Generally speaking though, most people who employ a trainer want to get into better physical shape, whether they express this as fitting into clothes, looking better naked, or feeling stronger. You want to help your people to access this sense of achievement, and this can be aided by using a similar template with small specifications for individuals according to their needs and abilities. You also need to think about a set of minimum commitments in terms of days and sessions, that you can hold them to.

The Mindset Component

Oftentimes, successful programming is about instilling discipline. Most people go to a fitness coach to help them stick to their plans and get it together in a way that is more difficult independently. So as a coach, one of your most important roles is to help organize time and mindset in relation to workouts. There are connected issues such as diet and lifestyle choices, and only when these things are in place can a workout schedule and program really be effective.

Balancing Simplicity and Variety

You want to use enough variety to keep them engaged and alert, but do not want to overcomplicate things. They actual workouts you use can border on being boring! Think about what your client really needs to help them stay on track, remain committed, and show up as planned. It is much more about this component than creating exquisite workouts for every person you work with. Prioritize their results, and use your listening skills as a building block to approach what they need and can benefit from.



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