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The Episode: Overcoming Boredom In Your Business

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we have to endure the peaks and valleys of running the show. One of the challenges that most of us have to deal with is the boredom around repeating certain parts of what we do, and the things that are not necessarily our favorite parts of training. So with that said, we wanted to share some thoughts on how you can overcome these hurdles and keep your business going through the less exciting times! No matter your interest and excitement levels, you need to maintain your relationships and programs with existing clients, you also need to be communicating about the work that you are doing. Staying at least somewhat present on social media is equally important, and a great way to stay on track with this is to switch up your content to other interests you might have. The last thing to say about boredom is that it can drive inspiration and innovation, so it does not always have to be a bad thing!


In This Episode

  • The business landscape and the rise of localized markets
  • Getting away from the negative results of the repetitive nature of running a business
  • Maintaining interest levels through enjoyment
  • Manifesting higher energy levels
  • Non-negotiables for the keeping things going
  • Staying present and showing up to stay in the public eye
  • Recapping the basics of making it through trying times


β€œDon't feel bad, don't beat yourself up if you disappear for a while, it's totally fine, just get back on it!” β€” Carolina Belmares


The Reality of Business and Repetition

The truth about running a business is that it is repetitive. There are certain things that you will need to do over and over, and setting up good systems and templates is a part of achieving success. You also want to create a business that you enjoy running, that has tasks that do not drain all the life from you. These are things to keep in mind while building a business, and while adjusting it along the way.

Techniques for Staying Interested and Engaged

If you can keep your business fun, you will find yourself bored less often. One way to do this is to track your own behaviors around tasks and try and minimize the activities that seem to result in feeling disengaged and bored. There will always be work to be done that is not your favorite, but the less of this, the easier it will be to face. Another great resource to draw on when you are struggling to stay motivated is your network. Communicate with your friends and mentors because conversations can always help you out of a tight spot.

Energy Levels and Excitement

We recommend looking for any methods that can give you a boost. What gets you going? Find that out and make use of that knowledge! There are foundational factors that will keep your business running, and as long as you have those bases covered, it does not matter if you abandon some optional stuff in the meantime. Make sure your clients are happy, that you are showing up, and that people are hearing about you, the rest is gravy.



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