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The Episode: The Secret to Irresistible Online Training Sales

One of the most important steps in the process of a functioning training business is the initial interactions with clients around selling and intake. So if you can get this element of your business down, you may just be able to set yourself up for better results further along the road. Engaging new clients with quantifiable and specific goals, and then delivering on these is what will solidify your value to them. By creating a structure that you can achieve with your new clients, you can make sure that they buy in fully to your systems and rewards, and keep coming back!


In This Episode

  • Why trainers fail to achieve results with clients early on
  • The cycles of business and times for evolution
  • Basic structures for a great offer
  • Putting enough energy and attention into a launch
  • The specifics that set you and your clients up for success


“Trainers are often really, really bad at showcasing process and identifying when goals are met.” — Jonathan Goodman


Installing and Communicating a Process

It is an unfortunate reality that many trainers are not proficient at communicating their processes with clients. We need to be able to lay out a plan and then show when goals are met. This is an area that can always be improved upon, so do not shy away from evolving these parts of your business. In order for clients to get excited about what you are offering you need to share the transformation that they can identify with.

The Components of a Great Offer

Our recommendation is to create a high-ticket front-end offer as a start. Coupling this with a quantifiable goal and continuity in your program can get people to sign on and buy in, which will, in turn, manifest credibility and belief in what you are doing together. This also includes timelines, so that when a goal is reached on schedule, you can set new goals and get clients to carry on their work with you!

The Importance of the Launch

We think it is key to be very invested in the launch period of your program. Prioritizing the intake process will set you up for future success, and can set the tone of the specificity and intentionality of your regimen. A big part of this connection is to learn about your clients and how to support them, because when they feel that, they will find it easy to commit and work with your expertise. Do not forget, there are many different types of quantifiable goals, so just find the ones that work for you and your people.



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