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The Episode: The Women Have Taken Over

Today on the show, Ren and Jonathan are both away which gives Amber and Carolina a chance to take the slot for themselves, and they use it to talk about their role models. If you are a man and your first thought is that this episode will be worthless because it is hosted by women, then this is an opportunity for you to check yourself. As Carolina and Amber get into the women who impress them most, they also talk about why, and we get to hear the many different qualities that make women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Dr. Jen Gunter, and Sonya Renee Taylor great. In this way the conversation covers themes like authenticity, challenging stereotypes, handling conflict with grace, and a whole lot more!


In This Episode

  • Carolina and Amber’s woman role models growing up
  • The types of influencers that women gravitate towards
  • Tips for coming up with content for social media
  • The woman influencers who Carolina and Amber follow
  • Issues with the value proposition of coaches who offer ‘empowerment’
  • Sharing content that comes from sources other than you with clients
  • Respect for women who can handle confrontation with grace
  • Following accounts that challenge your beliefs
  • Equipping ourselves with the vocabulary to help clients with body issues


“We are not trying to indoctrinate you into anything. We are trying to open your world into understanding that women are super complex.” — Carolina Belmares


Amber and Carolina’s Role Models Part 1

Carolina and Amber kick the show off by talking about the woman role models they had as children. From there, they weigh in on the influential women who have made the biggest impressions on them and talk about why. Megan Calloway shares a ton of workout content in a way that is to the point and easy to understand, and she is known for designing some great pandemic workout workarounds. Tori Dunlap does an amazing job of making the topic of how to build wealth as a woman relatable and easy. Amie Tollefsrud is fantastic at teaching people everything they need to know about how to work Instagram for their business. One of the best things about Kristina Kuzmič is her authenticity and her ability to call things out in ways that give us space to reassess ourselves.

Amber and Carolina’s Role Models Part 2

The conversation continues and our hosts share even more of the superwomen who inspire them. Dr. Jen Gunter is the author of The Vagina Bible and is also known for the smackdowns she delivers to men who say stupid things. Likewise, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an utter powerhouse with a razor-sharp mind who displays an amazing ability to handle conflict in a graceful way. Our hosts love Sonalee AKA the @fatsextherapist because of their advocacy and skill at challenging heteronormativity. Claire Diaz-Ortiz is an author who is enjoyable to learn from as far as social media and productivity. Lastly, Sonya Renee Taylor is the New York Times bestselling author of The Body is Not an Apology and her content can help coaches work with women who struggle to accept their bodies.


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