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The Episode: How To Be Consistent

This episode is all about how to experience success that can be relied upon in the future, and refocusing your vision away from quick wins. There is a strong relationship between simplicity and consistency, especially in the beginning, so we recommend avoiding aiming for extremes, and unrealistic goals. What you really want to do is make it possible to keep doing what you are doing! The first step in laying the foundations is staying consistent, and then using the resultant success to build.

In This Episode

  • The superpower of consistency
  • Focusing on the work instead of the results
  • Creating a business that allows you to succeed
  • The majority of people give up at some point
  • Setting and then hitting the right goals


“You've got to take pleasure in the work, not necessarily in the results of the work. Because the results are going to come as a result of doing the work consistently, relentlessly, while ignoring the day to day highs that happen.” — Jonathan Goodman


The Advantage of Consistency

It pays to remember that consistency is actually a superpower for whatever business or project you might be working on. It is the thing that will take you to the next level, and it does not even require any talent! If you really want to separate yourself from your peers or competition, work consistently. The other thing that will happen when you work on the same things over an extended period is that you will slowly become really good at them, and can experience that success that takes time to accumulate.

Work Over Results

Struggling with the day-to-day work of a business after the excitement of starting out forces many business owners to give up or drop the ball. It can get boring having to put in that time so tirelessly, so you have to find a way to stick with it through these valleys. Appreciating small wins and the people around you are two good examples of how to do this and will help you stay on track with your plans. This plan also needs to help you get away from the feeling that you are a slave to your business, and prepare you for the hiccups that are to be expected.

Simplicity and Consistency

You need to be able to match what is realistic, with what you set out to do. Find a way to set realistic daily goals that can facilitate success over an extended period. The fact is that so many people give up at some point before they really reap the rewards of the early work they do. If you can just show up every day and do that realistic amount, this can be so different for you! Some days will just be about surviving, and that's okay, because if you can survive those days, some days will be about big wins!


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