It started in 2013 with a course called 1K Extra. The success of that program led to the creation of the Online Trainer Academy, the first comprehensive certification program for personal trainers who want to coach clients remotely, either exclusively or in combination with in-person training.

The fitness industry has changed since then, and our program has changed with it. But the goal is always the same: to show fitness professionals like you how to build and and grow an online training business in a smart and strategic way, giving you more income and freedom while providing a great service for your clients.

Why online training?

We heard that question a lot back in 2013. But not anymore. Online training has gone from an interesting way to make some money on the side (that's why we called our first program 1K Extra) to an absolute necessity for everyone from personal trainers to gym owners to nutrition and life coaches.

Why the Online Trainer Academy?

The Online Trainer Academy is not just the first certification program for online coaches. It's the first to focus on the business of online coaching. Our students and graduates include everyone from young personal trainers to experienced coaches to older adults transitioning to fitness as a second career.

Mostly, OTA features a true 'client-first' coaching model.

Here's a quick list of what's included:

  • Digital textbook, The Fundamentals of Online Training V4.0
  • 80+ video lessons
  • 45+ scripts, business and legal forms, and templates
  • Students-only mastermind
  • 30 days of done-for-you social media content
  • Answers to 121 most common online training questions
  • OTA-1 certification test
  • 90-day Get Clients money-back guarantee

Are you ready to actually learn how to do this online training thing well ?

If so, we're ready to help you.

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