Hi Jon, any guidance on how to start an outdoor bootcamp with no money?

I know that seems ridiculous but I literally make less than 2k a month (gross not net) there has to be a way. I would LOVE to join a mastermind or buy some programs or even books but I just can't afford to. Any suggestions would be deeply greatly eternally grateful. - B.R.


Yeah dude it's not hard. Put the good ol' Pareto's Principle (80/20 rule) into play and you'll blow it up in no time. Here are the steps to take to start your bootcamp:

Step 1: Go to fiverr.com and get a logo for $5. It's not going to be great but it'll be good enough (you can always re-do it later when you're rich :)) I used this site to design the cover for 101 Personal Trainer Mistakes and it turned out great. (note: Fiverr.com is great for this kind of stuff. You can use them to create flyers etc. for you as well. They won't be amazing but they'll do the job)

Step 2: Use your logo to start a Facebook page and have that act as your websites business page for the time being.

Step 3: Go on Facebook and start adding all the friends and family you can possibly think of. This is your original group to advertise to. If you follow my steps you'll be adding value to their lives, not spamming them.

Step 4:  Start a double tip of the day scheme.

Every morning from 6:30-8:30am post a tip that will help people start the day off right. It doesn't have to be profound but can act as a simple reminder what to do. An example could be to bring a water bottle to work to stay hydrated. At night post another tip.

This one can link to a full article as people usually have more time to read. HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART - At the end of each tip make sure you add in the line "I'm here to help. Message me if you ever have any fitness related questions. If I don't know the answer, I'll find it for you" (or something similar).

Step 5: Keep a list somewhere else of everybody who has reached out with questions (maybe excel). When you're ready to launch the bootcamp make sure you tag them in the comments section of the post (don't do it on the actual post as it'll show up on their wall and look spammy). If you know them well enough send them a message asking if they want to come to a session. Tell them it's free if they bring a friend.

While you're at it start compiling a list of everybody you know well enough to contact. Send them an email when the program is ready

Step 6: Start looking for locations to perform the bootcamp in. A local park works great. If it has a playground even better. I like using steps, benches, and jungle gyms. Even if it's pure grass you can make it work.

Know that most cities will officially require a permit. You can probably get away with not having one but it's not a bad idea to ask your participants to tell the bylaw officer that you're just a bunch of friends working out if they come by. If you want to advertise your boot camp with signs on location you'll for sure need a permit. I've never gotten run and I've run lots of workouts in the park. I just thought I'd let you know. You can choose what you want to do here.

Step 7: Start studying body weight exercises. Literally go on Youtube for hours and take careful notes. Pause the videos and try the moves yourself on your floor. Get comfortable with them. Close your eyes and visualize the movements to ingrain them into your head.

Step 8: Create 5-10 template 45mins workouts based on the Youtube exercises. Make sure you have at least 1 progression and 1 regression of each exercise.

In doing so break the work outs up into sections. You'll use these in your advertisement materials. Some exercises are metabolic training, rotational ab work, fat burning etc. 

Step 9: Write down your two-sentence pitch. In two sentences or less you should say what your bootcamp is about and why it's different (and better). This is your sell. If you can't speak about your business succinctly then you should develop the idea further.

Step 10: When you're ready to launch the bootcamp (have the location etc.) tag it in every tip of the day. Have a demo day once a month where participants can bring a friend for free. Also include referral bonuses for people to bring others.

Step 11: Always have a smile on your face and continually look for new exercises and training systems. Know that outdoor boot camps are rarely about standard models of progression that you see everyday. The participants who look for this type of exercise want to keep it interesting. So do that -- just make sure they're technique it good.

Step 12: Blow it up!

There it is. My quick and dirty system for starting a bootcamp for $0 (actually for $5) down. The key is that you already have your network. Facebook has done the hard work. Start providing value today in your tips. Soon you'll be the go-to for fitness information for your friends and family. When you're ready to launch your bootcamp they'll all already see you as an expert.

Come to think of it. Maybe I'll sell this system. Tune in soon for my 6-Figure Killer Bootcamp System (with no-money down) for $47. (I hope you know I'm kidding.)