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The episode: 10: “How to Become Famous” with Gina Mauricio

After training for her first marathon, Gina Mauricio could barely walk due to stress fractures in both feet. At first she was surprised, until she noticed just how often this kind of thing was happening.

“The research says 50 to 80 percent of distance runners get injured each year,” Gina says. “I spent a year not running, wondering what the heck happened to me and how to help the same problem.”

After earning a personal trainer certification and a master’s in kinesiology, she started reaching out to runners she thought she could help.

One client became two. Two became five. Five became 20. Today, Gina has more than 50 clients—all because she recognized a hole in the market, and took the right steps to fill it.

Listen to this episode to find out exactly how Gina made it happen.

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