I have a brand new ebook that I want to send you. Best of all, it's free--the best price.

In the 16 Lasting Laws of Online Training, you will learn the laws that every long-lasting successful online training business must abide by to take care of clients and generate ample freedom.

This book is a limited time offer and won't be available after September 19th, so download it right away to ensure you don't miss out. If you're at all interested in learning more about online training, this is for you.


What's the book about?

Since 2013 I've been teaching personal trainers how to build efficient and scalable online training businesses. I'm not the kind of guy who teaches how to 'get rich quick' or 'make money while doing nothing on a beach, somehow'.

Three years ago, I developed a system for trainers to create the right kind of online training business for them. Some trainers decided to go full-time online while others used my now-famous 'hybrid' model of online training to work with clients, both in-person and online.

In these past few years, I've had the chance to take feedback from thousands of students of my course teaching online training. That feedback, in addition to a ton of research and development from my team, has led us to create the first ever certification for online trainers.

That's right. On September 20th, we'll be releasing the Online Trainer Academy and you have a chance to become one of the first certified online trainers in the world.


I wanted to give you some insight in the Lasting Laws book into what it takes to be a great online trainer. In the book, you'll get:

  • Empowerment to take action with the laws of “freedom” and “easy”  by showing you that it’s probably not as complicated as you think.
  • The biggest mistake that unprepared online trainers make when assessing clients online. (I’ll give you a hint: It has to do with validity.)
  • The “Law of the Evil Drunk Monster” and how to change your mindset so that you stop being jealous, and instead, focus that energy on growth. (If you’ve ever wondered how the most successful do it, this is a big part.)
  • The key shift, called the “Law of 5”, that helps the top performers maintain focus on building the business and life of their dreams.


-Coach Jon

Sorry, this book is no longer available.