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How to Pick a Personal Trainer Certification: Your Top 3 Choices, and What Clients Really Care About

Don’t make the mistake of getting certified as a personal trainer by the wrong organization. Not all certifications are made equal. Here are the top three choices in U.S., plus which one to choose based on your budget, the type of client you want to coach, and more.

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4 Ways This Nutritionist Turned Her New Fitness Business into a Raging Success

Most new businesses fail in their first year. These are four business secrets to not just surviving, but actually turning a profit in your first 12 months of running a fitness business.

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How to Build a Fitness Business That Keeps Growing for Years to Come With These 4 Principles

The best fitness professionals with successful businesses follow these four major business principles that have nothing to do with quick fixes or slimy marketing.

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So You Want to Open a Gym? A Gym Owner Shares 10 Insider Tips

Before you open a gym, listen to this gym executive who oversees the operations of a 15,000+ square-foot flagship gym, and ask these 10 brutally honest questions if you want to run a successful fitness business.

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The Big List of 101 Things Successful Trainers Need to Know

Want to be successful? Every smart fitness coach knows these 101 personal training secrets. Don’t skip #28 on this big list. It could get you fired!

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3 Lessons Fit Pros Can Learn From Dr. Oz and Food Babe to Gain a Following

Millions of followers hang onto every word Dr. Oz and Food Babe say. Perhaps there's something to their techniques that we can take away from.

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The Online Trainer Academy Is Here

Ready to make the leap to coaching clients online? You need the Online Trainer Academy.

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3 Habits of a Successful Online Fitness Coach

Training clients as an online fitness coach is different from training them in-person. Fortunately, there are a few common habits you can learn from many successful coaches.

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3 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an Online Personal Training Business

Success in the online world is a whole different beast. Start off on the right foot by knowing what to avoid in your online personal training business.

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The Problems With Personal Training (and a Solution)

There’s a simple solution to many of the frustrations we and our clients face with personal training. Let us tell you what it is.

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