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Author: Eirik Garnas

Eirik Garnas is a nutritionist, blogger, writer for several health websites and magazines, and personal trainer with additional courses in sales/coaching, kettlebells, body analysis, and functional rehabilitation. Subscribe to his websiteDarwinian-Medicine.com and follow his facebook page if you want to stay up-to-date on his work.

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Upper Crossed Syndrome: The Personal Trainer’s Guide

Upper crossed syndrome is the most common postural condition seen in personal training clients. Here's how to identify and fix it.

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What Is Anterior Pelvic Tilt (and How to Fix It)

Learn about anterior pelvic tilt and get 5 corrective exercises that help relieve this common posture problem.

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8 Tips for Coaching Your Clients to Squat Properly and Deadlift Correctly

The squat and deadlift are some of the most individualized exercises, so here's how you can help your clients nail their technique.

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What are the Benefits of Full Body Workouts vs Split?

How should your training program look like?

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Is Exercise for Weight Loss Really Effective?

The evidence as a whole doesn't show that exercise helps you lose a lot of weight...

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Sorry to Disappoint, but Muscles Don't Get "Confused"

Essentially, while the whole muscle confusion thing is largely nonsense there is some truth to the idea that you shouldn't be doing the exact same program for prolonged periods of time.

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