From Jon: Each Sunday thePTDC publishes a list of the top articles from around the web in 5 different categories: bodybuilding, general health, fat loss, strength training, and nutrition.

We scan the net, but if you'd like to submit your article for consideration, please send it to [email protected].

Our Choice for the Article of the Week

As we certainly know from doing all the reading it takes to put together our "Top Fitness Articles of the Week," there is an abundance of fitness, nutrition, and health information online. Whom should we follow? And should we follow the same people today whom we followed 3 years -- or even 3 months -- ago? Brandon Nurnberger wondered similar things, and here he gives us some immediately useful tips for figuring out who's information is worth its salt -- and our time.


10 Must-Do's for Mass -- Bryan Krahn (our choice for Bodybuilding article of the week)

A Case Against Specificity --  Mike Tuchscherer, JTS Strength

Bodybuilder Big, Powerlifter Strong -- John Paul Catanzaro, T-Nation

Pull the Hypertrophy Trigger -- Chad Waterbury, T-Nation

Training the Core: 4 Exercises That Take It To The Next Level -- James Cerbie, Breaking Muscle

General Health

Mobility Gone Wrong - Dr. Quinn Henoch, JTS Strength (Our choice for General Health article of the week)

This is What's Wrong With How We Talk About Eating Disorders -- Charlotte Hilton Anderson

Depression Re-examined: A New Way to Look at an Old Puzzle -- Harriet Hall, Science-Based Medicine

What are the Costs and Benefits of Circuit Training? -- Menno Henselmans, Evidence Magazine

10 Reasons Why You Aren't Making Progress In Your Training -- Brandon Morrison, Lift Big Eat Big


Fat Loss

Why the Advice "Just Eat More to Rev Your Metabolism" is Misguided -- Jill Coleman (Our choice for Fat Loss article of the week)


Why The Energy Balance Equation Results In Flawed Approaches To Obesity Prevention And Management -- Dr. Sharma

Protein: The Most Important Macronutrient for Weight Loss -- Eirik Garnas,

Think and Rest your way to Fat Loss and High Performance -- Erika Hurst


Strength Training

The Greatest Push-Up Article in the History of Ever -- James Cerbie, (Our choice for Strength Training article of the week)

82 Push-Up Variations You Need to Know -- Nick English,

Tips to Crush the Combine Tests -- Mark Watts, Elitefts

Deconstructing the Deadlift -- Dave Tate, Elitefts

Everything That Ever Helped My Deadlift -- Sean Hyson



A Calorie Is Sometimes Not A Calorie -- Dr. Jade Teta, T-Nation (Our choice for Nutrition article of the week)

Fruits and Vegetables: This is What Your Grandma Never Taught You  -- John Berardi and Ryan Andrews, Precision Nutrition

Be Reasonable! -- Bret Hamilton, Constant Forward Progress

The Diet Fix (review of Dr. Yoni Freedhoff's new book) -- Scott Gavura, Science-Based Medicine