From Jon: Each Sunday thePTDC publishes a list of the top articles from around the web in 5 different categories: bodybuilding, general health, fat loss, strength training, and nutrition.

We scan the net, but if you'd like to submit your article for consideration, please send it to [email protected].

Our Choice for the Article of the Week

4 Reasons You're Not Getting Stronger -- Dave Dellaneve, Born Fitness

There are hundreds of physical reasons why you might not be getting stronger -- and there are hundreds of mental reasons why you might not be getting stronger. Here Dave Dellaneve delves into four reasons your own thinking, rather than your actual strength, might be holding you back.


Core Stability Training for the Advanced Lifter -- Bret Contreras (our choice for Bodybuilding article of the week)

6 Tips to Master the Sumo Deadlift -- John Gaglione, T-Nation

General Health

Practical considerations for combining cardiovascular training and lifting - Alex Viada, (Our choice for General Health article of the week)

7 Habits of highly effective high school/collegiate strength and conditioning coaches -- Matt Dawson, JTS Strength

The Illusion of the Great Workout -- Adam Bornstein

 The Fatigue Fallacy: Why You Should NOT Finish Your Workouts Exhausted -- Nia Shanks

The 6 Reasons Your Success Depends on Your Failure -- Chet Morjaria, Breaking Muscle


Fat Loss

Why Being Overweight Might Not Matter as Much as You Think -- Tom Ewer, (Our choice for Fat Loss article of the week)

The Truth About Metabolic Damage -- Dr. Jade Teta, T-Nation

Weight loss numbers: Calorie counting evolved -- Jade Teta

Intermittent fasting = vehicle, not direction -- Anthony Mychal

Carbs: The dietary scapegoat -- Mike Samuels


Strength Training

Integrated Strength: The Right Tool at the Right Time for the Right Person -- Andrew Read, Breaking Muscle (Our choice for Strength Training article of the week)

Getting the Most Out of Assistive Gear: A Motor Patterning Perspective -- Robert Camacho, Breaking Muscle

Layers of Program Individualization -- Kevin Neeld

4 Ways to Make Exercise Harder -- Tony Gentilcore

5 Ways You've Never Used a Barbell -- Greg Robins,



Genetics of the 21st Century: Microbes Affect Disease Susceptibility, Body Weight, and Ability to Build Muscle - Eirik Garnas, (Our choice for Nutrition article of the week)