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Everyone has them and some are affected more than others. The more successful we become, the stronger the feeling. Bottom line -- hater's gonna hate. How we react to the critics is what makes all the difference. Silence the critics.

Fat Loss

It's Time to Finally Convince Your Clients That the Scale Doesn't Matter - Tim Berzins

Your Diet is Like a Bad Boyfriend - Dani Shugart

Look Better Naked This Summer: 9 Lessons in Body Composition Transformation - Andrew Ferreira

General Health

It's Never Too Late - Rachele Pojednic

Wanna Be a Stronger Writer? - Bryan Krahn

How to Stop Your Lower Back Pain - Becca Borawski Jenkins

Overcoming lower-back issues - Anthony Dexmier

Why Motivation Doesn't Make Lasting Changes - Dr. Brooke Kalanick, GGS


Break 3 Rules, Build More Muscle - Christian Thibaudeau

Nailing the Overhead Press - Paul Carter

Strength Training

4 Myths About Female Glute Training - Bret Contreras

Training Your Core - Matt Mills

Butt Wink Is Not About the Hamstrings - Dean Somerset

Build a Better Warm Up for a Better Work Out - Michael Zweifel


The New Rules of "IIFYM" - Mike Samuels

Xylitol 101 - Everything You Need to Know - Kris Gunnars

Flexible Dieting Week 1: How to Eat A Healthy Diet - Armi Legge

Are Nitrates and Nitrites in Foods Harmful? - Kris Gunnars