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Our Choice for the Article of the Week

Strength is Corrective -- Bret Contreras, DeanSomerset.com

You had to be living in a cave this week to NOT see Bret Contreras's name everywhere. Of course, this wasn't by accident -- Bret just released his 2x4 Strength program, and he made appearances on fitness blogs all over the net in anticipation of this (you'll notice Bret appears on our list this week several times, on several different sites). In this post on Dean Somerset's site, Bret shares his history with back injury, corrective exercise, and lifting -- and how getting strong got him pain-free.



The Bulking Diet Delusion -- John Meadows, T-Nation  (Our choice for bodybuilding article of the week)

Machine Shaming Shams: Dissecting 5 Hated Machines For Size -- Josh Hamilton

Masochistic Mechanical Drop Sets -- Ben Bruno, T-Nation


General Health

A Challenge to Trainers: Go be a Bro -- Harold Gibbons (Our choice for general health article of the week)

Call Me Rhabdo -- Jonathan Mike, Elitefts

How to Cure a "Motor Idiot" -- Bret Hamilton, Breaking Muscle

4 Things Your Anxiety is Desperately Trying to Tell You -- Beth Wittig, MarkFisherFitness.com

3 Simple Tips to Make Your Client Feel Like a Million Bucks: A Lesson in Self Efficacy -- Jordan Syatt


Fat Loss

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Myth of Modern Day Dieting -- Yoni Freedhoff (Our choice for fat loss article of the week)

The Ultimate Guide to Cheating - Planning to Fail... Part 1 -- Richard Talens

The Scale: Not Worth It's Weight -- Jen Comas Keck

The Quickest Path To Fat Loss -- Mark Fisher



Strength Training

Strength Defined -- Bret Contreras, BenBruno.com (Our choice for strength training article of the week)

In Defense of CrossFit -- Chris Shugart. T-Nation

3 Steps to Results Based Program Design -- Bret Contreras, thePTDC.com

Strength Comes First: How to Effectively Prioritize a Training Program -- Dean Somerset



Workout nutrition: What to eat before, during, and after exercise. --  Brian St. Pierre, Precision Nutrition (Our choice for nutrition article of the week)

10 Things I Know About Protein That You Don't -- Anthony Roberts, Breaking Muscle

19 Ideas for a Healthier Easter Basket -- Nicole McDermott, Greatist.com