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The Top Article of the Week

"From world leaders to authors and movie stars, we all have these moments of blah. Motivation can be a fickle and elusive force, leaving us wondering if we really want the things that we set out to achieve."

In this week's top article, Roger breaks down how to find your story, choose your goal, and take action.  Whether you need a motivation fix or your clients are due for an adjustment, this article is for you.


General Health

How to Not Crash Into Dagobah and Parallels to Reading Research -- Dean Somerset

Bone Up! Training Clients with Weight-Bearing Exercises for Osteoporosis -- Alison B. Marsh

The 5 Jackasses of Fitness -- Dan John

Should You Train When Injured? -- Stephanie d'Orsay

4 Motivational Lessons Rocky Balboa Can Teach You -- Kyle Williams


Fat Loss

5 Fake "Health Foods" That Are Killing Your Fat Loss -- Mike Samuels

13 Ways That Sugary Soda is Bad For Your Health -- Joe Leech

What You Don't Know About Ghrelin -- James McIlroy, Elitefts



Muscle? Ain't Nobody Got Time for That -- Bryan Krahn

A Definitive Guide To Building Muscle With Bodyweight Exercises -- Todd Kuslikis, JMax Fitness

Create Tension, Build More Muscle -- James Chan


Strength Training

Should my kid lift? Part 1: The science says yes -- Joy Victoria

Increasing Deadlift and Squat Strength -- Eat More 2 Weigh Less Team

Rate Of Force Development Part 2: Training and Increasing RFD -- Kelsey, SAPT



The Alkaline Diet Myth: An Evidence-Based Review -- Joe Leech

When Carbs Fight Back -- Nick Shaw

Revisiting Post-Workout Carbohydrates -- Fred Duncan