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The Top Article of the Week


Greg Nuckols is the man when it comes to making large quantities of information and research accessible and useful. This week, he puts his skills to work breaking down the key distinctions between the sexes when it comes to performance, metabolism, hormones, nutrition, and muscle and fat tissues. The takeaway? "All of these differences make women better metabolically suited for... just about everything related to health and performance" with a few logical exceptions. Most importantly, Greg gives his thoughts on how to apply this to nutrition, training, and fat loss.


Strength Training

Do You Want to Improve and Master Pull-Ups? -- James Cerbie, thePTDC

3 Alternatives to the Pistol for Single Leg Strength -- David Crump, Breaking Muscle

The Taxonomical Disorder of Recovery -- Antonio Rubestelli, JTS Strength

Why DUP is Better than Linear Periodization -- Marc Lewis, Bach Performance

Squat Mechanics: A Deep Analysis -- Mark Rippetoe

General Health

My Deep Dark Self-Love Secret -- Jessi Kneeland

Tips for Becoming a Better Fitness Writer -- Tony Bonvechio, TonyGentilcore.com

The Meathead's Guide to Passing the CSCS Exam -- Alycia Israel

Planks: The Magic Sauce To Fix Hip Tightness and Increase Mobility -- Dean Somerset, The PTDC

5 Mobility Rules of Thumb, Part 1 -- Quinn Henoch, JTS


Fat Loss

Don't Be a Slave to the Scale -- Bret Contreras

Snacking on a diet -- Stephen Smith, Body Type Nutrition

How To Boost Growth Hormone By +600% -- Tim Berzins

Conditioning Q and A With Coach Dos -- Jen Sinkler with Robert dos Remedios



The Natural Muscular Potential of Women -- Menno Henselmans

12 Laws of Elite Chest Training -- Bill Geiger, Bodybuilding.com

The 4 Dumbest Ab Exercises -- John Rusin, T-Nation

Exercise Video of the Week: The Best Hanging Leg Raise Instructional Video on the Web -- Jordan Syatt

This Will Make You Better: A New Look at Leg Curls -- Harold Gibbons



A Case for Hunger & How to Deal with It -- Jill Coleman

Fixing Your Metabolism & The Truth About Carbs w/ Nate Miyaki -- Jason Ferruggia & Nate Miyaki

8 Things I Learned Going Vegan For A Month -- Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

11 Proven Benefits of Olive Oil (No. 5 Can Save Lives) -- Joe Leech, Authority Nutrition