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Best Content of the Week

Your social media feeds have probably been abuzz with that surprising new study on age and metabolic rates. Your clients are hearing snippets on mainstream media and may have questions about how it applies to them. So if you haven't researched beyond the Insta-summaries, this week's video and podcast will help you get up to speed.

— Esther Avant

Best Article

10 Tips for Writing Better Fitness Articles -- Nick Tumminello, Strength Zone Training

Nick Tumminello says he's not a writer but rather a trainer who happens write. For a nonwriter, he sure has some great writing tips.

— Shane McLean


Best Video

Is It Harder to Lose Weight as You Age? Does Your Metabolism Slow Down as You Age? -- Eric Roberts

The recent study, "Daily Energy Expenditure Through the Human Life Course," suggests that, despite popular belief, our metabolism doesn't change much between the ages of 20 and 60.

If you don't have time to read the full 41-page article, watch this 26-minute video from Eric Roberts instead. Eric gives a comprehensive overview of the study and shares talking points to address with clients.

— Esther Avant


Best Social Media Post


Posted by Annie Miller on September 1, 2021

In this week's best post, you'll learn three key questions to ask yourself when creating your content that will help you reach your target audience, build your brand, and provide value. Check out the post to find out what they are.

— Christina Abbey

Best Podcast

Metabolic Rate, Blood Flow Restricted Training, and Turkesterone -- Eric Trexler and Greg Nuckols, Stronger by Science

Eric and Greg tackle the buzzy new study about how age and biological sex relate to metabolic rate and energy expenditure. According to the study, metabolism remains steady from age 20 to 60, even in pregnant women. Also, once you control for body size and composition, there's no difference in metabolism between men and women.

Eric and Greg dive deeper into the study methodology, including the "doubly labeled water" method of energy expenditure. They note that, despite the flat line of expenditure across age groups, there is still a lot of variation between individuals. They also discuss a recent blood flow training study and the effectiveness (or lack thereof?) of Turkesterone.

— Mike Howard

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