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Best Content of the Week

It's taken me years to come around to the value of mindset work in coaching. Other aspects of the job—like science-based programming and developing communication and relationship skills—always seemed more concrete. But your client's mindset is important for achieving their goals. It can impact whether they actually show up and put in the work, and that affects results. How do you help your client develop the right mindset for good health? This week's best article, by Mike Howard, will help.

— Esther Avant

Best Article

20 Mindsets to Adopt Right Now for Results -- Mike Howard, Lean Minded

Have you heard the saying, "Get your mind right and your body will follow"? That's bogus, says Mike Howard. The truth: You must take deliberate action to rewire your brain. It's one of four misconceptions Howard debunks in this new article, packed with tons of useful mindset advice that can help you (and your clients) be healthier and happier. 

— Shane McLean


Best Video

Top Women in Strength Sports You Haven't Heard About -- Brandon Knight, Hybrid Fitness

In this week's best video, Brandon Knight highlights the incredible achievements of some really strong women—plus provides fascinating insight into events and implements, and how they differ from traditional barbell lifts. Get ready to be impressed!

— Esther Avant


Best Social Media Post

Posted by Robin Beier on Thursday, March 25, 2021

If you can get great client testimonials, you'll be able to build a successful coaching business. But you have to ask the right questions. This super-short guide from Robin Beier reveals what those questions are (and why they work). 

— Christina Abbey

Best Podcast

An Updated Take on Posture, Strength and Pain -- Nikki Naab-Levy with guest Isabelle Barter, Results Not Typical

You've probably been taught certain theories and methods around posture: how it contributes to pain and how to correct it with exercise. But what's the latest science, and do those beliefs still hold up? Isabelle Barter addresses misconceptions and explains the roles of biomechanics and the nervous system in strength, injury prevention, and pain perception. She also provides helpful insights on different types of posture and how to train them.

— Mike Howard

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