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Best Content of the Week

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is that you must constantly improve and grow. Whether you're developing your sales skills, getting comfortable on camera, or taking a speciality course that's outside your wheelhouse, trainers are constantly putting themselves in uncomfortable positions in the name of personal and career development.

I love this week's top podcast for that very reason. The roundtable of experts weighing in on the popularity of the personal development movement and how to suss out the best practices for enhancing quality of life is unparalleled in this three-part series on the Dr. John Berardi Show. Leverage the insights from the podcast for your personal and professional development. Then boost your motivation with tips from this week's best article. Plus, improve your sales calls with this week's best social media post.

— Esther Avant

Best Article

Make Motivation Work for You -- Allan Bacon, Maui Athletics

Clients won't always be motivated to train, and neither will you. This is why finding your "why" is so important—it can keep you going when motivation is low. But that doesn't mean motivation doesn't work. Motivation can provide a helpful boost and help you determine your why in the first place. Read this week's best article to learn how. 

— Shane McLean


Best Video

Massage Guns: What Do They Do? -- Jen & Domenic Fraboni

Picture this: You've got a client who's miserably sore after her last session and desperate for some relief. She's curious if you think a pricey massage gun is worth the expense and whether it'll actually help. In this 10-minute video, physical therapists Jen and Domenic Fraboni cover what massage guns actually do, the benefits you might notice, and when you should and shouldn't use them.

— Esther Avant


Best Social Media Post


Posted by Robin Beier on September 16, 2021

Sales calls. Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, they're here to stay. Done effectively, they can reveal valuable intel that will help you:

  • build rapport with a new or potential client
  • help your client get good results
  • increase your income and fill your client roster

Check out this week's best post by Robin Beier for four great questions that elicit deep and thoughtful responses from potential clients.

— Christina Abbey

Best Podcast

Obsessed with Self-Improvement: Part 1 -- John Berardi with guests BJ Fogg, Kasey Jo Orvidas, and Chad Hoggan, The Dr. John Berardi Show

This enlightening three-part series looks at the many ways we try to improve ourselves and our lives. In part one, John Berardi talks to experts about personal development and habit change, highlighting why we seek these resources and which specific methods have merit. The experts provide a treasure trove of insightful commentary. BJ Fogg has some particularly helpful nuggets such as: (1) Help people do what they already want to do, and (2) help people feel successful. This series provides an excellent framework for self-improvement that will resonate both with those who want to be better, and with those who help others improve.

— Mike Howard

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