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Best Content of the Week

Perfectionism, impostor syndrome ... whatever you want to call it, it'll hit you at some point it your career. It'll hit your clients at some point in their fitness journeys too.

Check out this week's top article from Erica Suter, who explains how she coaches her athletes through perfectionist plateaus.

—Dani Singer

Best Article

How Youth Female Athletes Can Beat the Perfectionist Trap -- Erica Suter, ericasuter.com

Scrub the words "Youth Female Athletes" from the title and put your name in there. We all get stuck in the perfectionist trap sometimes, where you're frozen in indecision and just can't seem to get started. This article will give you a gentle kick in the pants to snap out of this mindset so you can grab life by the horns.

— Shane McLean


Best Video

Best Exercises to Improve Your Deadlift -- Chad Wesley Smith, Juggernaut Training Systems

This week's best video is short, to-the-point, and a must-watch for trainers who coach powerlifters or just want to maximize their potential at the big lifts. Chad Wesley Smith shares three of his favorite deadlift variations, what sort of phase and program to use them in, and which part of the exercise they'll help improve.

— Esther Avant


Best Social Media Post

Posted by Mike Howard on August 12, 2021

The best way to make a habit stick? Make it easy. We make thousands of decisions each day. It's no wonder we routinely choose the path of least resistance. Instead of trying to fight against this truth, make it work for you. Mike Howard shares five actionable ideas to start making fat loss easy, automated, and successful.

— Christina Abbey

Best Podcast

Breaking Through Plateaus -- Jason Leenaarts, Revolutionary You with guest Allan Bacon

Allan Bacon and Jason Leenaarts discuss breaking through nutrition and training plateaus. Bacon talks about how to track food intake accurately (plenty of people forget to count sauces and butters). And he delves into the science of underestimating intake and overestimating activity. Bacon also looks at the human side beyond the numbers to address the full spectrum of how to best help clients break through ruts.

— Mike Howard

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