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Best Content of the Week

Hey folks. Here's what the team dug up for you this week in the interwebs of fitness.


PART I: Shane makes sure good trainers learn how to make good money.

PART II: Dani guffaws at (super) long weight-loss plateaus. See why.

PART III: Esther teaches us Training Moms 101. And our first lesson is the pelvic floor.

Part IV: Mike grants us a sneak peak inside the head of an Olympian! An Olympian who failed.


I can't wait to dive in. Can you?

— Dani Singer


Best Article

3 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Fitness Marketing Messaging -- Justin Hanover, Fitness Revolution

Personal trainers are great at programming and coaching. But not so great at marketing. Here Jason Hanover explains how to better convey your marketing message to better improve your bottom line.

— Shane McLean

Best Video

Hit a Weight-Loss PLATEAU? Start LOSING WEIGHT Again! *EASY TIPS* -- Pahla B.

Six weeks? Really?

Yikes. I would never tell a client that they should expect and accept six-week weight-loss plateaus as par for the course.

Yet Pahla B. does so with a big smile on day one of the journey.

It just goes to show that there are a million and a half ways to get there (wherever "there" is for the unique human in question).

Some like to sprint, some like to dance!

— Dani Singer

Best Social Media Post

Posted by Claire Zai on November 8, 2021

If you train moms, regardless of how old their kids are, you should have an understanding of what is the pelvic floor, how those muscles work, and signs of dysfunction. (These things will also benefit you if you train men, not just moms!) So many moms experience urinary incontinence and think there's nothing they can do about it. There is, and working with a professional and lifting properly can make a world of difference. Check out Claire Zai's post for more.

— Esther Avant

Best Podcast

Optimization and Embracing the Process -- Olympian Kate Courtney with host Ryan Holiday, The Daily Stoic

This discussion takes many fascinating detours into the world of an Olympian. Kate Courtney came up short in her bid for a gold medal in Tokyo this past summer. She shares the lessons learned and how she is bouncing back from her disappointing finish. She spoke of her tendency to want to push harder and do more—and how she's learning to reign things in and honor the recovery process. Whether it is high level athletics, writing, an entrepreneurial venture, or just a regular person training to look better naked, so many of the same principles apply. Courtney embraces a "perfection is the enemy of good" mentality and now values time off and recuperative rest. She credits having a personal philosophy, reading and growing from failures to be not only a better athlete, but a better human. So many lessons here can be applied to anyone.

— Mike Howard

More Great Fitness Content

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