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Best Content of the Week

I've been running a personal training company since I was 21 years old. So I've been the boss to my peer group for my entire adult life.

Here's one thing I know about fit pros: You all hate sales.

So you have two choices. You can either learn to sell, or learn to be so freaking good at your job that someone like me (a.k.a. an employer who will provide signed clients) is knocking down your door to hire you.

If you want to get better at sales, check out this week's top video.

— Dani Singer

Best Article

Unwilling -- Jason Leenaarts, jasonleenaarts.com

Your goals and your ability to reach them come down to one key thing: your willingness to change. You should match your goals with your willingness to change things to help reach those goals. Because if you don't, you will be spinning your wheels.

— Shane McLean


Best Video

Easy 5-Step Discovery Call Script for New Coaches -- Robin Beier

I have distinct memories dating back to 2008 when I was working at a commercial gym and a frequent topic of conversation in the trainer breakroom was how we didn't want to be salespeople—we just wanted to train people. Over time, those of us who stayed in the industry came to embrace the fact that in most situations, we'd need to be the former in order to do the latter. If you're just starting out, have recently transitioned online, or just never really felt like you've mastered having sales conversations, you'll find this week's video really helpful. While you never want to use a script that makes you sound like a robot, having a general framework for the conversation can help you build rapport and make the person on the other end feel seen, heard, understood, and more likely to buy what you're selling.

— Esther Avant


Best Social Media Post


Posted by Marie Spano on September 22, 2021

Resistance training to build strength and cardio to lose fat, right? Eh, not quite. It's not always easy to convince clients to leave the treadmill behind to focus on the dumbbells. This week's best post is delivered by @mariespano and @mikeormsbee. Check out this post to learn more about the effects of resistance training and fat loss.

— Christina Abbey

Best Podcast

How Science Can Help You Change Your Behavior for the Better -- Kim Mills with guest Katy Milkman, Speaking of Psychology

This is an important conversation for trainers and coaches—really anyone interested in how to facilitate positive change. Katy Milkman, Ph.D., is a highly respected researcher and author in the domain of behavior change and host of the Choiceology podcast. In this chat, she talks about how to leverage our tendencies toward laziness, setting the right defaults, and "temptation-bundling"—a strategy where you combine something you want to do with something you should do. Milkman talks about novel strategies such as the "fresh start effect" or "reset"—using milestones/dates/occasions to start/reset healthy habits. Anyone who works with people will benefit from this episode.

— Mike Howard

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