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Best Content of the Week

A new client takes the leap and decides to start training with you. Paperwork is signed, sessions are scheduled, workouts are planned—you're both ready to roll.

On Day 1, your client shows up super motivated. Over the next four weeks, you watch them pedal-to-the-metal in their sessions. Muscles are getting stronger, relationship is getting closer, things are looking pretty good.

Then it happens ... pain.

We're not talking normal muscle soreness from a good workout. That's good pain. Your client is experiencing pain in their back, neck, or joints. You know, bad pain.

What happens next is not completely in your control. You may lose this client and it's not necessarily your fault. However, the more educated you are in pain science, the better your chance at helping your client move past this roadblock so that you can continue working together.

In this week's Best Fitness Content, you'll find four different posts on pain science. Two focus on the biomechanical causes of pain. Two focus on the brain's experience of pain.

Dig in!

— Dani Singer

Best Article

How to Promote Personal Training on Instagram -- Meghan Callaway, the PTDC

Instagram is baffling for lots of trainers, including yours truly. There are so many shortcuts, from buying followers to taking your shirt off. But Meghan Callaway, with her 66k-plus followers, gives you eight steps to build your Instagram following from the ground up—without getting naked.

— Shane McLean


Best Video

Principles of Programming Sustainable Metcons -- OPEX Fitness

Most gen pop clients see a trainer with a few goals in mind, and they usually include feeling like they've worked harder in the session than they would on their own. Enter metcons, the simplest way to leave clients sweaty, breathless, and like they got what they came for. But did they? This week's short video from OPEX Fitness reminds us of the four principles of keeping metcon aerobic. When programmed properly, these workouts not only leave clients feeling accomplished but also help develop a healthy aerobic system and avoid burnout.

— Esther Avant


Best Social Media Post


Posted by Layne Norton on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Nearly 16 million individuals report experiencing chronic low back pain. That's about double the amount of people living in NYC. Exercise can improve quality of life by reducing pain experienced by this huge group of people. In this week's best post, Layne Norton shares in his post a meta analysis of the effect exercise has on pain.

— Christina Abbey

Best Podcast

Restriction Is Not Reasonable or Rational -- Leigh Peele and Jason Leenaarts, Revolutionary You 

Leigh Peele brings her wisdom of all things diet and fat loss to the 300th episode of Revolutionary You. She discusses the process and depth of her soon-to-be-released book (a revival of her underground classic The Fat Loss Troubleshoot). Peele talks maintenance, diet breaks, and what has changed in the intervening years since her last book. She tells compelling stories about her personal and professional evolution and how client relationship can impact client results.

— Mike Howard

More Great Fitness Content 

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