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Online training? Pssssh. Just send out a program, send out some nutrition guidelines, and done. Easy, right?

Except that you might want to actually help your clients, and training people online has limitations and problems you might not encounter when training people in-person. How do you motivate someone remotely? How do you develop the instincts to know when your remote client is struggling? How do you keep yourself from being inundated with emails, phone calls, or text messages but still give your remote clients adequate support?

This week, Jason Helmes has the answers you need. From support guidelines to motivation help to digital resources, Jason's 8 strategies will help you, and your online clients, make the most of your online training services.

Strength Training

Who's The Most Impressive Powerlifter? -- Greg Nuckols

Coaching Cues to Make Your Strength and Conditioning Programs More Effective - Installment 12 -- Eric Cressey

3 Reasons to Use Percentage-Based Training Programs -- Tony Bonvechio

Complete Core Training: Be Better Than The Crunch -- Meghan Callaway, DrJohnRusin.com

Calculating Joint Moments in the Squat -- Andrew Vigotsky, BretContreras.com


Protein Trickery: Nitrogen Spiking -- TC Luoma, T-Nation

How To Get More Protein In Your Diet -- Sohee Walsh

The Big Fat Faux Pas -- Mike Samuels

5 Simple Ways for Meat Lovers to Eat More Vegetables -- Marc Halpern, Breaking Muscle

How to Read Food Labels Without Being Tricked -- Adda Bjarnadottir, Authority Nutrition

General Health

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure -- Jill Coleman

14 Steps To Become A Great Online Fitness Coach -- Mike Vacanti, thePTDC.com

How To Weight Train Without Getting Hurt -- Bryan Krahn

5 Great Things I've Learnt About Training Females -- Stuart Aitken, Shredded By Science

Lessons in Sleep Deprivation -- Adam Ali


The Definitive Guide To Building Rock Hard Abs Without Crunches And Sit-Ups -- Danavir Sarria

Advanced Training: Max-Growth Cluster Sets -- Christian Thibaudeau, T-Nation

A Quick and Dirty Way To Add Muscle -- Tony Gentilcore

Pull-Ups: You're Doing Them Wrong -- Lee Boyce, T-Nation

Resistance Band Good Mornings -- Ross Enamait

Fat Loss

Why Don't I Have Any Willpower? -- Jen Comas, GGS

The Worst Abs Mistake of All Time and the 1 True Secret to Getting A Six-Pack -- Tom Venuto

How To Eat Too Many Calories (And Gain Fat) -- Jason Helmes

NEAT Is Neat -- Ally Porwal, Shredded By Science

The Not So Healthy Fat Loss Tool -- David O'Connor